Given first in 2002, “Çağa Law Awards”, organized by the Çağa Law Foundation with the responsibility awareness stimulated by the scholarly and edification tradition, has become a traditional law award promoting and encouraging the research and analytic approach in the field of academic and applied fields of law in Turkey.

Announced each year in various other fields of law having contemporary effect and a broad application sphere,  the Çağa Law Award welcomes everyone active in the academic and/or applied fields of Turkish laws with their works such as monographies, articles, books, thesis, court resolutions and the like. The works submitted for consideration can as well be the product of a group of people or institutions. The panel of adjudicators of Çağa Law Award alters from one award year to the other, and it is an endeavor that is sought to include in such panel the members of Supreme Court, University Professors, as well as Lawyers who are experts of the topic chosen.

The topics of previous years’ Çağa Law Awards have been:

  • Incorporations;
  • New Turkish Civil Code;
  • Impacts on Application and Probable Conflicts to arise out of the New Turkish Labour Law;
  • Corporate Governance in Incorporations;
  • Consumer Protection Legislation;
  • Turkish Trademark Law throughout the European Union Harmonization Process;
  • Turkish Competition Law throughout the European Union Harmonization Process;
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Spin-offs in corporations.

The topic of Çağa Law Award 2011 has been determined as “Tax Audit and Litigation” and the panel of adjudicators composes of:

  • Mr. Adnan Nas, CPA, President of the Panel (Chairman of the Executive Board of Başaran-Nas Certified Public Accountancy Firm)
  • Prof. Dr. Hakan Üzeltürk (Professor of Law, Galatasaray University)
  • Mr. Şaban Erdikler, CPA (Partner at Erdikler Certified Public Accountancy Firm)
  • Dr. Ali İrfan Şanver (Attorney at Law, Istanbul Bar Association)
  • Mr. Zeki Gündüz (Partner at Tax Department of Başaran-Nas Certified Public Accountancy Firm)

All works must be submitted latest by 31 October 2011.